Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas fun!!! WHAT WE GOT!! :D

Hey bloggers! Its felicity here! I had an awesome Christmas this year, I got so much stuff!!! :D

Ok so you are probably all wondering what I got.... well let me tell you!

1. I got kit's meet outfit cardigan, which is SUPER CUTE!
2. A flowy purple dress with fruit designs on it (weird, but awesome!)
3. A pair of hiking boots (which is perfect for an outdoorsy girl like me!)
AND....... A SOCK MONKEY HAT! well actually, its for the whole family to share. But I have a plan to capture it for my own... muahaha!

Thats pretty much it! I cant wait to wear all of my awesome things! :D
Oh, and Samantha wants a turn.

Hello everyone! How were your dollidays? I spent the holiday with my family, singing christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate and playing in the snow! It was wonderful. 
Since Felicity was talking about presents, perhaps I should tell you what I received as well? :-)
Anna's parents gave me a beautiful retired outfit from american girl. It consists of a red jumper, yellow knit hat and jelly sandals. I am very excited to own such a cute ensemble, and my sisters all say it looks great on me. It was a fantastic gift! :-)
Now of course, I am excited to receive a thoughtful present, but that is not what the holidays are all about. Sometimes we get so caught up in the material things and forget what is really important. 
Spend time with your family and have a wonderful winter break! :-)

OMG GUYS. Nali here. I NEED to tell you what I got!!!!
Ok so since I am super sophistocated and can handle any sort of fashion adventure, Anna's parents gave me a FABULOUS set of accesories!! It includes a wide brimmed pink hat and a pink jacket with a bunch of different accents and rows of piping... ahhhh I LOVE IT!!!
Nali you should say the name of the set so people can look it up
oh? oh yeah! umm whats it called?
Caroline's hat and spencer, I think.
ok yeah, its caroline's hat and spencer.
Anyways, its super cute and I love it and I think I might just faint from how darling it is!!! :D I cant wait to wear it around! people won't be able to take their eyes off of me!!! One time I got this really hot pink dress and I wore it into downtown and literally everyone was staring at me which is kind of embarassing but at the same time I felt like a celebrity which was amazingOK sorry nali but Im cutting in WHAT? NO GO AWAY SARAH IM  TELLING A STORY yeah I know but its my turn we dont have time for stories right now HEY NO FAIR sure. well Im taking my turn, I have to leave for soccer in a few minutes.

Hey guys, its Sarah! I decided to follow the trend and tell you all what I got! Im going to make this really brief cause I have to go to soccer practice in a few minutes.
anyways I got a really cute skiing outfit! Its retired from american girl. It comes with a knit shirt, knit socks, ski pants, a furry vest and even some ski boot liners. It super cute!!! 
Im totally going to wear it this winter!! :D
Ok, now I have to go to soccer. Merry Christmas!

Hello, blog followers. It is Eva Adele! I had a very fun Christmas-time with my family. Also, it snowed, which was very magical. 
My sisters were very nice to give me a pair of boots. They are light blue and made of a suede material, and on the inside they have white fur. They are very warm, so I am excited to wear them. Also, our family got a sock monkey hat, but I think it will be mine soon! Nali does not want it because it is not fashionable enough for her, Samantha says it is fine if I have it, Julia is not interested and Sarah would never wear it! The only one I am not sure about is Felicity, I will probably have to ask WOAH WOAH WOAH BACK OFF, SISTA! Felicity? whats wrong? thats my hat!!!! what? THE HAT IS MINE. I called it!!!!! Oh, you want the monkey hat? YES. Do you think we could maybe share? ............. Felicity? Are you still there? Yeah Im still here!!! Im just thinking! About what? About wether or not Im going to let you... OH nevermind! We can share the hat! You asked me too nicely, I can't say no. Thank you! :) OK BUT I GET TO WEAR IT TODAY!! Deal. :)

Hey everyone, its me, Julia! I am here today to post about my first Christmas. Just to start off, let me say that it was a wonderful holiday filled with fun traditions! We drank lots of hot coco, sang Christmas carols and opened presents as a family (felicity even filmed it and we are going to post it on youtube!). 
It was really fun to give and receive gifts, and I ate so many candy canes that I had a sugar rush all week long!
Since my sisters are all writing out what they got, I figured I might as well. 
I received a wonderful gift from Anna's parents- a summer outfit! It comes with a pink tank top, a floral button down that is tied around the waist, white shorts with a belt and leather shoes!
I love the whole outfit so much, and I am so incredibly thankful for such a nice gift. :)
I hope you all had a happy holiday too! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sarahs Adventurous day!

Hey Awesome blog followers! Its Sarah here. Many of you have seen the new video of me doing an epic BMX run on my bike, but if you have'nt, here is the link:

Anyways, biking around the BMX run was not the only exciting part of my day. In fact, I went on an entire outdoor excursion- rock climbing, skydiving and ziplining! Check out the epic photos below!

Me with my bike:

Scaling a big, scary cliff!

Skydiving- I am about to pull the parachute!

Wheeeee!! I love ziplining! :)

Hope you enjoyed the photos from my adventurous day. I sure had fun! 
Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite outdoor activity is!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


GUYS GUYS GUSY GUESS WHAT! It is officially November 17th, which means its 37 days till christmas!!! I personally cant wait! my favorite part- THE PRESENTS!!! WOOP WOOP!! I LOVE XMASSSSSSS
ok yeah samantha wants to say something
Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask you all, which dolliday do you celebrate? Here in the basilmentos family, we celebrate Christmas. However, we also join our neighbors for Hanukkah. There are so many beautiful holidays to celebrate during the winter season! Be sure to comment below and tell me your favorite holiday! :-)

hey peeps its Sarah here. I just wanted to share my favorite dolliday memory with you. 
One year, Felicity and I were trying to hang Christmas lights on the roof, and it was super slippery. I was dragging a  coil of colored lights across to the other side of the house, and Felicity tripped over the wire! 
She slid on her butt down to the side of the roof, and would have fallen off if it were not for the nail sticking out of the wooden shingles. It caught on her pants and ripped a huge hole all the way down her leg, but it stopped her from tumbling off.
 LOL! i guess it was not that funny in the moment, cuz you know, I thought she was gonna fall off the roof, but now it is absolutely HILARIOUS!! felicity is so clumsy LOL. 
ok not really you were the one that trippedNO!! ITWAS NOT M&Y FAULT NOW STOP EMBARASING ME!!!
lol im totally posting this on our blog
NO!!! SARAH UR MAKING ME LOOK CLUMSY! hahahahohfajHSTOP! ! lol ok fine
GOSH. THANKYOU. just promise me this is not going on the internet? 
yeah, yeah, of course.
Ok, thank you. but Im still mad for you calling me clumsy.

Hello friends! Its Eva here, and I am going to be telling you some fun things to do during the winter season. We did these last year, and they were very fun.
1. Light candles! In many cultures, winter is the season of the lights. This will add a nice glow to your house. If you are not allowed to light real candles, you can buy electronic ones at the store. They look just as pretty.
2. Make cookies and cocoa! A warm treat will always brighten a cold winter day. 
3. Read stories. Winter is the perfect time to cuddle up with a good book.
4. Make dolliday cards! Get out your card making kit and get busy brightening people's days!

Hayy gurls! Its Nali here! I dont have much to say about the dollidays except that you can only hope you will recieve some fabulous fashions as gifts! Plus I love classy knit sweaters, so in the fashion world this is a great season for me! 
Oh, by the way, I totally stole the show the other day! After I broke away from my assigned place and danced across the stage, the audience was so in shock they didnt say anything! They were truly flabergasted and filled with wonder! The director yelled at me during intermission, but I was just like, buddy, whatever. I made the show so much better.

Well, hi! Its me, Julia. I guess I dont have very much to say about winter or the dollidays, because I have never experienced it before. It sounds fun though. What are you guys looking forward to?

LOL ok felicity im posting this now
haha hahahha i know the internets gonna love the story about you falling on ur butt 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nali's Diary- Entry #1

6th of November, 2012

My Plans for the School Play

The school play is coming up, and I am SO excited. Considering I have a major role which is crucial to the development of the play's storyline, I should be thrilled for our upcoming performance. The lines which I deliver with utter passion and beauty are above and beyond any other actor or actress. In fact, the director was SO worried about me stealing away the spotlight and depriving the others from any sort of performance, he only gave me two lines. I know, right!? He must love me.
Anyways, the play opens tommorow night. I am stoked! My costume is fabulous, because I am one of the townspeople/peasants and it is fun to dress like a poor person. I have to wear funky sweaty gross makeup on my face too, but it is kind of fun to mask my beauty and pretend I am ugly for once. Socially, the play is not so fun, because all the other actors hate me. (but that is only because I am stealing all the audience's attention, of course!)
Just to get back at them, I have a plan.
When the curtains open tommorow night, I will run out of my assigned place on stage and slide across the center singing beautifully. I will then do 3 fancy ballerina turns and express emotions of anguish, fear and happiness to captivate the audience.
The director says he does not like "improvised actions during perfromances" but WHATEVER!! I am sure he will be captivated by my dance and will be thankful for my bravery. If anything, I am making the play a more joyful experience for the audience. I mean, who wouldn't want to see me do an extra little dance and song!?
My friend Cassie says I am doing all of this for attention. But that is SO not true! I am not in anyway trying to steal the spotlight, I just can't help it. I am a theatrical person! Plus, I deserve the attention. I am the most fabulous actress on the face of the planet, and the director has only given me two lines to show my natural ability. Its not fair!
After my performance tommorow night, the director is going to regret giving me two skimpy little lines. Next time, he is sure to give me the main part.
Oooh I am so EXCITED! Comment below and tell me how fabulous I am! :D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Basilmentos Home = Disaster Zone

Felicity reporting here, from the home of the strangest family on the planet.

Its Saturday, so we are pretty much cut loose to do whatever we want, but for the basilmentos sisters, that means trouble. So far samantha has lit half the kitchen on fire, Sarah has broken multiple pieces of furniture and windows and Eva sewed her halloween costume to the couch. Oh, and nali drew all over Julia in her sleep because she wouldn't let her watch an episode of "here comes honey boo boo" last night.

Its a disaster.

I am hiding away in the attick with Samantha's laptop computer, blogging as the house is destroyed beneath me. I just heard another window break-Sarah must be playing baseball in the house again.
Now Nali is screaming, something about a boy named Naill and how he is her one true love. Who's Naill? I have never even heard of him before... Oh crud. The fire alarm is going off. Got to go! Bye bloggers, see you next time... if I am still alive by then.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Donate to charity! :-) AND ABOLISH THE HUMAN RACE

Hello, friends! I am Samantha, and today I have some big news for you. 

In an effort to raise money to donate american girl dolls to toy drives, girloftheyearstudios is hosting a campaign called christmas AnGels. I am sure many of you have heard of it before, but have you really thought it through? If you watch her videos (there are 4 to choose from, links will be included below.) a couple of times, you could raise a few cents to donate. While that may not seem like much, we have strength in numbers! If we all promise to watch one of the videos just 3 or 4 times, we could raise quite a lot. We could even make enough money to buy a doll and donate it! We could change a little girl's life. :-) So who's with me? I think we can really make a difference! Go click one of these links, and then take the quiz below! :-) Oh, and I think Sarah wants a turn to talkshfoh 

Whoopsies, sorry about that! Sarah is just going through one of those silly phases again. :-/
sfj ljhsoyf
Please make sure to click the links! :-) and Sarah, please stop interrupting. 

Alrighty then. Please click the links, take the quiz and, ummm... comment below if you want to join Sarah's army.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Felicity's files: Nalis FAILED chat convo!

Hey secret agents! Super spy felicity here, with some top secret news! I just went on Nali's computer and found the funniest thing ever! I guess Nali tried to start a chat with my sisters, but things didn't go so well.... check it out:

fashionista09: omg guys did you see the new liberty jane clothes!?
                      soooo fab!
soccergurl10: lol
prettyeva12: yes hahah
samantha.p: I did! :-)
xjuliasmilesx: whats liberty jane?
                       KNOW!? omg this is like so not cool gurl you gotta learn
                       your stuff!!!!!!!
soccergurl10: oooooh nali is mad now lol
samantha.p: Now, now Nali, lets be mature about this.
xjuliasmilesx: haha sorryyy
fashionista09: lol im kind of kidding
                       but like how could you not know what liberty jane is!?
soccergurl10: haha nali give her a break, shes a newbie
xjuliasmilesx: yeah lol
fashionista09: ok ok i guess but actually they make the most fabulous
xjuliasmilesx: um ok
fashionista09: NO NO wait you dont understand the gorgeousness let
                       me send you a pic
xjuliasmilesx: sure
soccergurl10: im leaving. this is getting way to girly xD
soccergurl10 has left the chat
samantha.p: me too! I have homework to do :-)
samantha.p has left the chat
fashionista09: ok one sec
                       heres the photo!!!!
                      aaahhhh isnt it SOOOO cute!!! :D to die for <3 <3 <3
xjuliasmilesx: yeah its cute
fashionista09: .........
                      is that all you have to say?
xjuliasmilesx: yeah..?
fashionista09: julia..... >:( HOW COULD YOU!!! I JUST TOOK LIKE
                      30 PRECIOUS SECONDS OF MY LIFE TO FIND
                      THAT PICTURE AND SEND IT TO YOU AND
                      ALL I GET IS A "yeah its cute"!!!!!! YOU ARE
                      LITERALLY SO ANNOYING >:(
xjuliasmilesx: okaaayyy im gonna go do my science homework
xjuliasmilesx has left the chat
fahionista09:  JULIAA!!!!! UGH. whatever. at least your still here eva!
                      xD what do you think of the shirt? cute, huh? ;)
prettyeva12 had left the chat
fashionista09: eva? 
                  :'( omg guys come back! i have so many more fashionable
                  pics to show you!

LOL, isn't that SO funny! Nali is going to be SO mad when she finds this, shes gonna freak out at me! Maybe I can film it and post it on youtube.... :D 
Well, until next time! Nali is probably going to check the blog soon, so Im gonna go barracade my doors! xD

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too much to say, too little time!!! SUPER HECTIC BLOG POST!

         Hey guys, its Felicity here, and I have some bad news. The other sisters found this blog. I was kind of hoping it would just be me blogging for a while, but I guess it was inevitable... oh well. I kind of would'nt care that they knew, except they are all looking over my shoulder right now. Sarah wants a turn, but I'm not giving her one! Hah! hhHEYY ssutooop it@!@!!!!!!!!!!siaufpgga 0p973e6-qVA[SHHSFD

HI! Im Sarah, reporting the latest news! We installed a poll on our blog called "which basilmentos sister is your favorite?" and I am REALLY UPSET ABOUT IT. NOBODY has voted for me yet, which really ticks me off! isn't it obvious that I am the most athletic and interesting person in this family? I never get any credit! :( Oh, ok apparently Felicity is mad too, because she got only 1 vote. Whatever, I bet the person who voted for her was trying to vote for me and just missed the button. 
Ok, Samantha wants a turn to write and she is actually being nice about it, so I will give her a chance.

          Hello, wonderful followers! :-) I'm Samantha, and I am very pleased to meet you all. I have an idea to propose that will make this whole situtation much more fair. Because the poll could be potentially harmful to our self esteem, we have two options. 
1. Remove the poll.
2. Turn it into a game. Try to keep all of the bars completely equal! :-)
          I personally prefer the second option. Let's see how many votes we can get! We are aiming for 10 votes for each doll. Please help us reach our goal! :-) 

OMIGOSH, I am so glad I got a turn to write! Im Nali and I am so happy to introduce myself. The most important thing about me is that I LOVE fashion! I am also incredibly stylish and I have great taste in clothing. All my sisters come to me when they are in need of fashion advice. (which they totally need, I mean look at their style... eww the clothes they wear are just horrible!!) It has always been my dream to live in Paris and be the first ever 18 inch model to walk the runways! Wouldn't it be SO fabulous if I made an exclusive fashion page for this blog!? I could give my tips and tricks for stylish dollies and post photos of my most fashionable outfits. I am sure you would all LOOOVE it! I am going to talk to my manager (Anna's brother) and see if he can program something cool for me.
Ugh, my sisters are all so annoying. They are making me give Eva a turn. whatever. See you next time gals! XOXO - Nali <3

Hello, my name is Eva. I do not write english very well. My sisters told me how to speak it, I can not write it much. I like to do things that are quiet, such as reading, playing guitar and cooking. I have had many jobs over the past year, because I am trying to raise money to go visit my home country. Please enjoy this blog. My sister Felicity worked on it very hard.

Woah, this is so cool! Im Julia, and I guess you could say I am the newbie. I became a basilmentos sister 4 short months ago, and I love life here. I guess I like blogging ok, but I would much rather be outside! I love gardening, hiking, canoeing, and anything involving nature. In fact, I am kind of bored. Oh yeah, thanks for the giving me such a good rating on the poll! :) Oh, one minute, I think Sarah wants to say something. waitt hhaaseo[
GUYS THIS IS SARAH MAKE SURE TO RATE ME UP ON THE POLL! haayyfyyqaa oahno liSTEN to Samantha!! Please be nice and make the bars equal so thaiuot wohwcsjjo 9ohyCOMMENT BLEjlow if YOU want me to make a FASHION page!! afpigfpa -aq4#@4hqewa[aaahupseq3  1-a ajhuo NO LIASTEN TO SAMANTHO!!! swessf aa okk gys stoppPPP!!!! 
Ok, I think its time for us to go. Hope you enjoyed this post!
- Felicity
AND SARAH!!!! rate me up 
<3 Nali 
Much Love, Samantha
From, Eva
Oh, and Julia is gone. I think she went outside.

Welcome to my Life!

HI EVERYBODY!  My name is felicity, and I am the main writer on this blog. I love blogging, but Anna never lets me publish my stories on her main basilmentos page. She says they are too "trivial" and that nobody wants to read them. Well Im here to prove her WRONG! I am a fantabulous writer and I will fill this blog with wonderful stories of my incredibly exciting past! Let me start with a simple adventure that I had this morning.
       So, its a Sunday, which means it is time to film! Anna got us all dressed up and put the camera up on the tripod, and then went to go grab a snack in her "human kitchen". I was left alone with my sisters and we decided to flip through some of the pics on her camera. I had to stand on Sarah's head to reach it (since it was on the tripod), but the results were awesome! Anna had a bunch of photos of vegtables on her camera, for some reason that is unknown. There were pictures of peppers, unions, beans, corn, limes and some ugly looking paste that I am pretty sure goes in salad dressing. Despite my utter brilliance, I was unable to crack the code. What do these pictures really mean? I am sure Anna has some use for them, unless she likes to randomly take pictures of vegtables of course.
       I was close to forming some sort of hypothesis when I head footsteps down the hallway. Anna was coming! Sarah quickly ducked down and I toppled on to her. We scrambled back to our places and tried to resume our positions. I had forgotten to turn off the camera, but it was too late. Anna came through the doorway, belting out some silly song about shattering windows until they are blown away. She knelt down, and saw the picture on the camera. She seemed confused for a minute, but continued singing and then got to work. I must say, I was holding in giggles for hours.
      For a doll, I must say I have a pretty awesome life. I have 5 fabulous sisters and we have lots of fun spying on Anna. I am also a movie star, if you don't know already. I can't wait to get this blog up and running. It is going to be great! :)
- Felicity Merriman (official spy agent and author)