Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Feels like Summer!!!!

Summer is finally here!!! 
To celebrate, we went down to the park today to play on the big field. Samantha brought her camera, so we all posed for a bunch of super cute photos! 

When Eva and Sarah decided to pose for a photo, Eva accidentally knocked Sarah over with her big bear hug! They toppled on to the ground and Samantha continued to snap photos. It was really funny.

Just look at this beautiful photo! Guess who took it? Thats right! ME. BOOM. I am a fabulous photographer! 
But in all seriousness, this is actually a pretty cute photo. Even Gabby looks decent!

After hanging out on the grass for a while, Sarah talked us in to a game of soccer. She already had her soccer ball and cleats in her backpack- I think she had been secretly planning to start a game at the park ahead of time. Everyone was in a pretty good mood, so we all agreed to play with her, (except for Samantha, who doesn't like sports, and Nali, who didn't want to ruin her dress) but boy, that was a big mistake.

I have never been particularly sporty, but gosh, since when am I such a KLUTZ! I kept tripping over the ball (or my feet) and every time I would try to pass the ball to a team mate, I would miss by a mile! At one point, I was trying to steal the ball from Sarah, so I ran up to her and prepared to give it a big kick. However, instead of kicking the ball, I kicked Eva, who had discretely sneaked up right in front of me. She was ok, but I was pretty embarrassed. Plus, I had missed my opportunity to steal the ball from Sarah, who was already halfway across the field, headed towards the goal. 

I guess sports are not my thing. Maybe I should just stick to blogging.

After the game, we all posed on the park benches and got some random stranger to take a picture of us! I think he was pretty weirded because Sarah was waving her arms around like a crazy person! It gave us all a pretty good laugh. 

So yeah, aside from my little klutzy soccer problems, today was actually pretty fun! It was kind of nice to hang out with all my sisters, and bickering was at an all time low. It was such a pretty, relaxing, happy day! I can't wait for the rest of summer!
Over and out,

Friday, April 5, 2013

Julia's Journal: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

April 5, 2013
Last night, it started raining. 
And it has not stopped.
The ground is soggy and the air is foggy and it makes me groggy and woah that rhymed!

But honestly, its getting pretty irritating.
Its not like I particularly dislike rain, but it just seems kind of unfair that the clouds decided to dump water all over my plans for spring break. I was going to go hiking! I was going to look for shells on the beach! I was going to sit on the cliff and paint the sunset! Any other week it would be fine, but NOW!? REALLY!? My ONE WEEK of completely unstructured time- gone. 
On top of the initial disappointment, rain forces me to be cooped up inside with my sisters, and let me tell you, its not fun. So far, sarah has broken a picture frame and hit Eva in the head with a soccer ball, Gabby has sung every hannah montana song at least twice, and Felicity has eaten EVERYTHING in the fridge- aside from a measly jar of pickles and a stick of butter. Right now I am camped out underneath Samantha's bed, just trying to stay away from the chaos and destruction. 

I wish the rain would go away. Its ruining my spring break.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Felicity Files- Gabby is a potential threat to my sanity

Secret agent felicity reporting for duty. And I have a big problem. Now that Gabrielle has arrived in the premises of the basilmentos household, I have been facing some major issues. Perhaps under some conditions this could be offensive to her, so I am trusting you all as my fellow secret agents to keep it on the down low.
She sings. 
Wherever I go I am constantly haunted with the bellowing sounds of her donkey-like voice. She sings in the morning, she sings during the day and she sings until the lights go off at night... It is as if some small but powerful elf occupies her epiglottis and is forcing her to spread happiness and sunshine through her voice. 
Its not even like she is a bad singer. In fact, I quite enjoy her voice. But only in small doses. When you are unable to escape the heavy, strong sound of Gabby's singing for over 12 hours a day, you begin to understand the need for balance in life. Singing is nice. but not 24/7! Not every LIVING MOMENT OF THE DAY! Ugh... I can hear her singing right now. She's coming towards me... OH QUICK!! Im gonna turn on my webcam!!!

Ok. So that really hurt. And now you can understand the everlasting pain of living with such a musical sister. Day in and day out I am cursed by her rhythmic presence, and there is no way to avoid the constant noise.
Gabby is really starting to get on my nerves.

Over and out,

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Agent Felicity reporting for duty.

I have big news.

This morning, I was browsing through Anna’s computer desktop, casually running through her files to check for any interesting tidbits. I do this every morning, and usually my efforts are met with little reward; I rarely locate any material of importance. But today was different.

I found this folder on Anna’s desktop, titled: “ag wishlist”. Of course I am aware that Anna has a wish-list published on her blog, and it does include a few large items. However, the one I found on her computer is even more exciting.

It includes a doll.

Don’t tell Anna about any of this- it is top secret spy information. I have taken great care to protect myself against being caught while I write this blog post. My sisters have been installed in various positions around the house to guard me from Anna if she comes in to her room, and I am hidden beneath the dresses in our closet, cramped in quite an uncomfortable position. If anyone so much as breathes a word of this top-secret information to Anna, my spy privileges will be forever removed. So keep it quiet.

Now, under oath of my secret agent contract, I present to you the biggest spy leak of the year. Anna’s hidden wish-list.
 It is a doll; a MAG to be exact. She has dark skin, the Addy face mold, brown eyes and curly hair. VERY curly hair.

But that's enough about her looks.

I did not know it at the time, but last night I heard her speaking with Agent T (Tyler aka brothermentos) about this very doll. They were up until midnight, sitting together and going over possible name options. They went over various selections, testing out different lengths and letters. Anna then confirmed that her name should not end in an A, considering 4 of her pre-existing doll’s names end with that sound. By the end of the night, it sounded like Anna had come to a conclusion; C*******e. The name has been blocked out for my personal safety.
                  The reason why I have disclosed this information is for your own knowledge. Though there has been no concrete evidence that Anna is getting this doll, the basilmentos spy association has confirmed that it is true.  By the time she is considering name options, we know there is no turning back. Time after time we have observed this process, and this is the point in which the decision is almost guaranteed. The fact that Anna has gone through the struggle of picking a name truly shows she is interested. Anna Basilmentos is going to buy this doll.

In all honesty, as a basilmentos sister and top-secret spy, I am shocked. Anna has told us time after time that she is done buying new dolls and that our family is perfect just the way it is. In fact, she said that before she bought Eva, before she bought Julia, and now… It looks like there is a new doll on the way. I guess you could say I am a bit peeved. After all, I am the oldest sister. Anna and I had so many wonderful times together while she was young, making up stories and playing outside. Every time Anna gets a new doll, I feel a little less appreciated and loved. I guess that is just life though. Even though Anna says she is done buying dolls, in reality, she is never going to stop.

Whatever. At least I am a secret agent. Maybe Anna wants a silly new doll, but she will never be as intelligent or sneaky as me.

Over and out,