Saturday, November 17, 2012


GUYS GUYS GUSY GUESS WHAT! It is officially November 17th, which means its 37 days till christmas!!! I personally cant wait! my favorite part- THE PRESENTS!!! WOOP WOOP!! I LOVE XMASSSSSSS
ok yeah samantha wants to say something
Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask you all, which dolliday do you celebrate? Here in the basilmentos family, we celebrate Christmas. However, we also join our neighbors for Hanukkah. There are so many beautiful holidays to celebrate during the winter season! Be sure to comment below and tell me your favorite holiday! :-)

hey peeps its Sarah here. I just wanted to share my favorite dolliday memory with you. 
One year, Felicity and I were trying to hang Christmas lights on the roof, and it was super slippery. I was dragging a  coil of colored lights across to the other side of the house, and Felicity tripped over the wire! 
She slid on her butt down to the side of the roof, and would have fallen off if it were not for the nail sticking out of the wooden shingles. It caught on her pants and ripped a huge hole all the way down her leg, but it stopped her from tumbling off.
 LOL! i guess it was not that funny in the moment, cuz you know, I thought she was gonna fall off the roof, but now it is absolutely HILARIOUS!! felicity is so clumsy LOL. 
ok not really you were the one that trippedNO!! ITWAS NOT M&Y FAULT NOW STOP EMBARASING ME!!!
lol im totally posting this on our blog
NO!!! SARAH UR MAKING ME LOOK CLUMSY! hahahahohfajHSTOP! ! lol ok fine
GOSH. THANKYOU. just promise me this is not going on the internet? 
yeah, yeah, of course.
Ok, thank you. but Im still mad for you calling me clumsy.

Hello friends! Its Eva here, and I am going to be telling you some fun things to do during the winter season. We did these last year, and they were very fun.
1. Light candles! In many cultures, winter is the season of the lights. This will add a nice glow to your house. If you are not allowed to light real candles, you can buy electronic ones at the store. They look just as pretty.
2. Make cookies and cocoa! A warm treat will always brighten a cold winter day. 
3. Read stories. Winter is the perfect time to cuddle up with a good book.
4. Make dolliday cards! Get out your card making kit and get busy brightening people's days!

Hayy gurls! Its Nali here! I dont have much to say about the dollidays except that you can only hope you will recieve some fabulous fashions as gifts! Plus I love classy knit sweaters, so in the fashion world this is a great season for me! 
Oh, by the way, I totally stole the show the other day! After I broke away from my assigned place and danced across the stage, the audience was so in shock they didnt say anything! They were truly flabergasted and filled with wonder! The director yelled at me during intermission, but I was just like, buddy, whatever. I made the show so much better.

Well, hi! Its me, Julia. I guess I dont have very much to say about winter or the dollidays, because I have never experienced it before. It sounds fun though. What are you guys looking forward to?

LOL ok felicity im posting this now
haha hahahha i know the internets gonna love the story about you falling on ur butt 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nali's Diary- Entry #1

6th of November, 2012

My Plans for the School Play

The school play is coming up, and I am SO excited. Considering I have a major role which is crucial to the development of the play's storyline, I should be thrilled for our upcoming performance. The lines which I deliver with utter passion and beauty are above and beyond any other actor or actress. In fact, the director was SO worried about me stealing away the spotlight and depriving the others from any sort of performance, he only gave me two lines. I know, right!? He must love me.
Anyways, the play opens tommorow night. I am stoked! My costume is fabulous, because I am one of the townspeople/peasants and it is fun to dress like a poor person. I have to wear funky sweaty gross makeup on my face too, but it is kind of fun to mask my beauty and pretend I am ugly for once. Socially, the play is not so fun, because all the other actors hate me. (but that is only because I am stealing all the audience's attention, of course!)
Just to get back at them, I have a plan.
When the curtains open tommorow night, I will run out of my assigned place on stage and slide across the center singing beautifully. I will then do 3 fancy ballerina turns and express emotions of anguish, fear and happiness to captivate the audience.
The director says he does not like "improvised actions during perfromances" but WHATEVER!! I am sure he will be captivated by my dance and will be thankful for my bravery. If anything, I am making the play a more joyful experience for the audience. I mean, who wouldn't want to see me do an extra little dance and song!?
My friend Cassie says I am doing all of this for attention. But that is SO not true! I am not in anyway trying to steal the spotlight, I just can't help it. I am a theatrical person! Plus, I deserve the attention. I am the most fabulous actress on the face of the planet, and the director has only given me two lines to show my natural ability. Its not fair!
After my performance tommorow night, the director is going to regret giving me two skimpy little lines. Next time, he is sure to give me the main part.
Oooh I am so EXCITED! Comment below and tell me how fabulous I am! :D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Basilmentos Home = Disaster Zone

Felicity reporting here, from the home of the strangest family on the planet.

Its Saturday, so we are pretty much cut loose to do whatever we want, but for the basilmentos sisters, that means trouble. So far samantha has lit half the kitchen on fire, Sarah has broken multiple pieces of furniture and windows and Eva sewed her halloween costume to the couch. Oh, and nali drew all over Julia in her sleep because she wouldn't let her watch an episode of "here comes honey boo boo" last night.

Its a disaster.

I am hiding away in the attick with Samantha's laptop computer, blogging as the house is destroyed beneath me. I just heard another window break-Sarah must be playing baseball in the house again.
Now Nali is screaming, something about a boy named Naill and how he is her one true love. Who's Naill? I have never even heard of him before... Oh crud. The fire alarm is going off. Got to go! Bye bloggers, see you next time... if I am still alive by then.