Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Feels like Summer!!!!

Summer is finally here!!! 
To celebrate, we went down to the park today to play on the big field. Samantha brought her camera, so we all posed for a bunch of super cute photos! 

When Eva and Sarah decided to pose for a photo, Eva accidentally knocked Sarah over with her big bear hug! They toppled on to the ground and Samantha continued to snap photos. It was really funny.

Just look at this beautiful photo! Guess who took it? Thats right! ME. BOOM. I am a fabulous photographer! 
But in all seriousness, this is actually a pretty cute photo. Even Gabby looks decent!

After hanging out on the grass for a while, Sarah talked us in to a game of soccer. She already had her soccer ball and cleats in her backpack- I think she had been secretly planning to start a game at the park ahead of time. Everyone was in a pretty good mood, so we all agreed to play with her, (except for Samantha, who doesn't like sports, and Nali, who didn't want to ruin her dress) but boy, that was a big mistake.

I have never been particularly sporty, but gosh, since when am I such a KLUTZ! I kept tripping over the ball (or my feet) and every time I would try to pass the ball to a team mate, I would miss by a mile! At one point, I was trying to steal the ball from Sarah, so I ran up to her and prepared to give it a big kick. However, instead of kicking the ball, I kicked Eva, who had discretely sneaked up right in front of me. She was ok, but I was pretty embarrassed. Plus, I had missed my opportunity to steal the ball from Sarah, who was already halfway across the field, headed towards the goal. 

I guess sports are not my thing. Maybe I should just stick to blogging.

After the game, we all posed on the park benches and got some random stranger to take a picture of us! I think he was pretty weirded because Sarah was waving her arms around like a crazy person! It gave us all a pretty good laugh. 

So yeah, aside from my little klutzy soccer problems, today was actually pretty fun! It was kind of nice to hang out with all my sisters, and bickering was at an all time low. It was such a pretty, relaxing, happy day! I can't wait for the rest of summer!
Over and out,