Thursday, February 7, 2013

Felicity Files- Gabby is a potential threat to my sanity

Secret agent felicity reporting for duty. And I have a big problem. Now that Gabrielle has arrived in the premises of the basilmentos household, I have been facing some major issues. Perhaps under some conditions this could be offensive to her, so I am trusting you all as my fellow secret agents to keep it on the down low.
She sings. 
Wherever I go I am constantly haunted with the bellowing sounds of her donkey-like voice. She sings in the morning, she sings during the day and she sings until the lights go off at night... It is as if some small but powerful elf occupies her epiglottis and is forcing her to spread happiness and sunshine through her voice. 
Its not even like she is a bad singer. In fact, I quite enjoy her voice. But only in small doses. When you are unable to escape the heavy, strong sound of Gabby's singing for over 12 hours a day, you begin to understand the need for balance in life. Singing is nice. but not 24/7! Not every LIVING MOMENT OF THE DAY! Ugh... I can hear her singing right now. She's coming towards me... OH QUICK!! Im gonna turn on my webcam!!!

Ok. So that really hurt. And now you can understand the everlasting pain of living with such a musical sister. Day in and day out I am cursed by her rhythmic presence, and there is no way to avoid the constant noise.
Gabby is really starting to get on my nerves.

Over and out,