Friday, April 5, 2013

Julia's Journal: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

April 5, 2013
Last night, it started raining. 
And it has not stopped.
The ground is soggy and the air is foggy and it makes me groggy and woah that rhymed!

But honestly, its getting pretty irritating.
Its not like I particularly dislike rain, but it just seems kind of unfair that the clouds decided to dump water all over my plans for spring break. I was going to go hiking! I was going to look for shells on the beach! I was going to sit on the cliff and paint the sunset! Any other week it would be fine, but NOW!? REALLY!? My ONE WEEK of completely unstructured time- gone. 
On top of the initial disappointment, rain forces me to be cooped up inside with my sisters, and let me tell you, its not fun. So far, sarah has broken a picture frame and hit Eva in the head with a soccer ball, Gabby has sung every hannah montana song at least twice, and Felicity has eaten EVERYTHING in the fridge- aside from a measly jar of pickles and a stick of butter. Right now I am camped out underneath Samantha's bed, just trying to stay away from the chaos and destruction. 

I wish the rain would go away. Its ruining my spring break.