Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nali's Diary- Entry #1

6th of November, 2012

My Plans for the School Play

The school play is coming up, and I am SO excited. Considering I have a major role which is crucial to the development of the play's storyline, I should be thrilled for our upcoming performance. The lines which I deliver with utter passion and beauty are above and beyond any other actor or actress. In fact, the director was SO worried about me stealing away the spotlight and depriving the others from any sort of performance, he only gave me two lines. I know, right!? He must love me.
Anyways, the play opens tommorow night. I am stoked! My costume is fabulous, because I am one of the townspeople/peasants and it is fun to dress like a poor person. I have to wear funky sweaty gross makeup on my face too, but it is kind of fun to mask my beauty and pretend I am ugly for once. Socially, the play is not so fun, because all the other actors hate me. (but that is only because I am stealing all the audience's attention, of course!)
Just to get back at them, I have a plan.
When the curtains open tommorow night, I will run out of my assigned place on stage and slide across the center singing beautifully. I will then do 3 fancy ballerina turns and express emotions of anguish, fear and happiness to captivate the audience.
The director says he does not like "improvised actions during perfromances" but WHATEVER!! I am sure he will be captivated by my dance and will be thankful for my bravery. If anything, I am making the play a more joyful experience for the audience. I mean, who wouldn't want to see me do an extra little dance and song!?
My friend Cassie says I am doing all of this for attention. But that is SO not true! I am not in anyway trying to steal the spotlight, I just can't help it. I am a theatrical person! Plus, I deserve the attention. I am the most fabulous actress on the face of the planet, and the director has only given me two lines to show my natural ability. Its not fair!
After my performance tommorow night, the director is going to regret giving me two skimpy little lines. Next time, he is sure to give me the main part.
Oooh I am so EXCITED! Comment below and tell me how fabulous I am! :D


  1. HaHaHa! Ah Felicity! You are sooooo funny!

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    2. It's actually Nali

  2. You should make the school play in to one of you awesome stop motions!

  3. Omg...
    i have a performance tomorrow night too

  4. Yes please make it a stopmotion! Anyway, love it!

  5. Ohh Nali...xDDD
    Good Luck on stealing the spotlight!

  6. ah, Nali. Very "fabulous" idea. ;) Are you sure the director will really be happy though? ;) Luv u! (Check out my channel! www.mgagdolls.blogspot.com )

  7. LOL! HAHA Good luck Nali!!! Well, I guess you are fabulous Nali!!!!! :D

  8. Oh my Nali that is one interesting plan! Plz do make a stop motion! It would be hysterical!


  9. LOL Nali good luck on your plan on steeling the spotlight i know its going to be hillariouse i mean full proof ;)

  10. Nali...Things might not turn out the way you plan...

    Good Luck though!
    Yes,Nali, You are VERY fabulous XD

  11. Hi Nali....
    You and I are both so fabulous! I love to be in the spotlights too! We are gonna shine!
    Good luck
    Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

  12. Haha! Yeah i bet you stole the stage! LOL

  13. Nali, you were BORN a superstar!

  14. youre great Nali! Have fun at your performsance!!

  15. i love you basilmentos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please check out my blog!

  16. Hi Nali. Im Rebecca. We have so much in common. You are, like, totally gonna steal the show. I am, like, your biggest fan ever.

  17. wait till I tell my dolls.......