Sunday, October 7, 2012

Welcome to my Life!

HI EVERYBODY!  My name is felicity, and I am the main writer on this blog. I love blogging, but Anna never lets me publish my stories on her main basilmentos page. She says they are too "trivial" and that nobody wants to read them. Well Im here to prove her WRONG! I am a fantabulous writer and I will fill this blog with wonderful stories of my incredibly exciting past! Let me start with a simple adventure that I had this morning.
       So, its a Sunday, which means it is time to film! Anna got us all dressed up and put the camera up on the tripod, and then went to go grab a snack in her "human kitchen". I was left alone with my sisters and we decided to flip through some of the pics on her camera. I had to stand on Sarah's head to reach it (since it was on the tripod), but the results were awesome! Anna had a bunch of photos of vegtables on her camera, for some reason that is unknown. There were pictures of peppers, unions, beans, corn, limes and some ugly looking paste that I am pretty sure goes in salad dressing. Despite my utter brilliance, I was unable to crack the code. What do these pictures really mean? I am sure Anna has some use for them, unless she likes to randomly take pictures of vegtables of course.
       I was close to forming some sort of hypothesis when I head footsteps down the hallway. Anna was coming! Sarah quickly ducked down and I toppled on to her. We scrambled back to our places and tried to resume our positions. I had forgotten to turn off the camera, but it was too late. Anna came through the doorway, belting out some silly song about shattering windows until they are blown away. She knelt down, and saw the picture on the camera. She seemed confused for a minute, but continued singing and then got to work. I must say, I was holding in giggles for hours.
      For a doll, I must say I have a pretty awesome life. I have 5 fabulous sisters and we have lots of fun spying on Anna. I am also a movie star, if you don't know already. I can't wait to get this blog up and running. It is going to be great! :)
- Felicity Merriman (official spy agent and author)


  1. Love it! Felicity this is SO much fun to read! Hmm vegetables eh? Don't know what Anna would take pictures of vegetables for... Maybe a school project?

    1. As anna, I must say you are correct. But don't tell felicity! ;)


  2. Felicity you are a reat py but I
    bet Sara did not like you standing
    on her =)

  3. love it i bet it's going to be a big hit

    ~ Emily
    plese check out my channel it's called Emily Schultz

  4. This is just too CUTE!! Can't wait to read more! :-D

  5. Awesome!! Felicity, I MUST say that ur personality is AWESOME!!!! ;D Ur definitely livin it up over there! :D

  6. I Can't wait to read more of felicity's stories!
    And if i may ask..Did you give sarah freckles?
    See ya!
    ~ Skylar <3

  7. Hi this is Mia sneeking on Emma's account! i should totaly make 1!!!

  8. you do know I am eventually gonna have to do this. Its AWESOME XD. Great Job Secret Agent Felicity!!! Maybe You could give us the scoop on Anna's Latest Doll plans and stopmotions!! *wink* *wink* XD My mom is ALWAYS just leaving us where we are. I haven't had my clothes changed for AT LEAST over a week :P

    MUSTACHE! :}D (I forgot to say that I can get VERY random XD)

    ~ Anne (MAG#23)
    Mom: Rachel (RachelAG123)

  9. hi there felicity!it's bella(mag #55) and today im gonna ask a question. why did you stand on sarahs head?why not Julia's? well byee! i love your vidds! HOLY CUPCAKES YOUR A BASILMENTO!
    ~Bella and Lanie.
    momma: jordan(katnissglimmerprimAG)

  10. oh too cute plez post more you are amazing felicity and anna!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Oooh!!! I did this with Lanie 3 days ago! But we didn't find any veggie photos just some pics of Gwen!She needs to film me more often! Well I gotta go before Mom notices that I'm using the laptop!

    ~ Julie

    Oh and my mother is Jhjjhg1 :P

  13. That was probably one of the cutest things i have ever read even Jennifer and Chloe like it at one point they started to take the computer away from me XD

  14. Love it!! I totally agree with Nali. Kasity just made this new dress and she is so impressed with it but I HATE IT.

  15. Idk where to Vote but I vote 1 for Sarah :3 I might be kinda like her lol

  16. TEE!!! This is awesome I will check back often ;-)

  17. I love Nali she is just SOO pretty!

  18. Hey everyone. Ill make this quick since i hacked into my moms computer. My name is Hazel and i am deff with Sarah. Please check out me and my friends blog


  19. November 17 is my birthday! wow! 37 more days until...... MORE PRESENTS!!!

  20. I love this so much! It makes me laugh every time! XD

  21. Wow anna!! you are so awesome and I cant wait for more stopmotions! im ur biggest fan!!!!!!


  22. Felecity i have a friend named Lily Merriman!!! maybe you're her cousin haha you rock O^.^O