Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too much to say, too little time!!! SUPER HECTIC BLOG POST!

         Hey guys, its Felicity here, and I have some bad news. The other sisters found this blog. I was kind of hoping it would just be me blogging for a while, but I guess it was inevitable... oh well. I kind of would'nt care that they knew, except they are all looking over my shoulder right now. Sarah wants a turn, but I'm not giving her one! Hah! hhHEYY ssutooop it@!@!!!!!!!!!!siaufpgga 0p973e6-qVA[SHHSFD

HI! Im Sarah, reporting the latest news! We installed a poll on our blog called "which basilmentos sister is your favorite?" and I am REALLY UPSET ABOUT IT. NOBODY has voted for me yet, which really ticks me off! isn't it obvious that I am the most athletic and interesting person in this family? I never get any credit! :( Oh, ok apparently Felicity is mad too, because she got only 1 vote. Whatever, I bet the person who voted for her was trying to vote for me and just missed the button. 
Ok, Samantha wants a turn to write and she is actually being nice about it, so I will give her a chance.

          Hello, wonderful followers! :-) I'm Samantha, and I am very pleased to meet you all. I have an idea to propose that will make this whole situtation much more fair. Because the poll could be potentially harmful to our self esteem, we have two options. 
1. Remove the poll.
2. Turn it into a game. Try to keep all of the bars completely equal! :-)
          I personally prefer the second option. Let's see how many votes we can get! We are aiming for 10 votes for each doll. Please help us reach our goal! :-) 

OMIGOSH, I am so glad I got a turn to write! Im Nali and I am so happy to introduce myself. The most important thing about me is that I LOVE fashion! I am also incredibly stylish and I have great taste in clothing. All my sisters come to me when they are in need of fashion advice. (which they totally need, I mean look at their style... eww the clothes they wear are just horrible!!) It has always been my dream to live in Paris and be the first ever 18 inch model to walk the runways! Wouldn't it be SO fabulous if I made an exclusive fashion page for this blog!? I could give my tips and tricks for stylish dollies and post photos of my most fashionable outfits. I am sure you would all LOOOVE it! I am going to talk to my manager (Anna's brother) and see if he can program something cool for me.
Ugh, my sisters are all so annoying. They are making me give Eva a turn. whatever. See you next time gals! XOXO - Nali <3

Hello, my name is Eva. I do not write english very well. My sisters told me how to speak it, I can not write it much. I like to do things that are quiet, such as reading, playing guitar and cooking. I have had many jobs over the past year, because I am trying to raise money to go visit my home country. Please enjoy this blog. My sister Felicity worked on it very hard.

Woah, this is so cool! Im Julia, and I guess you could say I am the newbie. I became a basilmentos sister 4 short months ago, and I love life here. I guess I like blogging ok, but I would much rather be outside! I love gardening, hiking, canoeing, and anything involving nature. In fact, I am kind of bored. Oh yeah, thanks for the giving me such a good rating on the poll! :) Oh, one minute, I think Sarah wants to say something. waitt hhaaseo[
GUYS THIS IS SARAH MAKE SURE TO RATE ME UP ON THE POLL! haayyfyyqaa oahno liSTEN to Samantha!! Please be nice and make the bars equal so thaiuot wohwcsjjo 9ohyCOMMENT BLEjlow if YOU want me to make a FASHION page!! afpigfpa -aq4#@4hqewa[aaahupseq3  1-a ajhuo NO LIASTEN TO SAMANTHO!!! swessf aa okk gys stoppPPP!!!! 
Ok, I think its time for us to go. Hope you enjoyed this post!
- Felicity
AND SARAH!!!! rate me up 
<3 Nali 
Much Love, Samantha
From, Eva
Oh, and Julia is gone. I think she went outside.


    This is just SO entertaining to read! And uhh YEAH make a fashion page! <3

  2. Haha, this is hilarious! xD
    And so entertaining to read!
    But it looks like you laptop is gonna need some.. Uh... Repairs after a while.. Specially with all the fighting over the key board.. xD Haha!
    Eva is so cute and innocent.. :) Sarah is hilarious. Samantha is very mature. ;D Nali is really fun to listen to. And Felicity is just amazing. <3

  3. Aww!This is so cute!
    I would LOVE to read Nali's fashion page!

  4. Haha you dolls are so funny! :) I voted for Nali's fashion page!


  5. :D Sooo funny and sooo cute :) Very entertaining to read xD

  6. LOL! I wish I had more dolllies (only have one) so they could share "sister love" like your dolls did. I love all the sisters equaly girls!!! Felicity is funny, Samantha is sophisticated and smart, Sarah is sporty, Nali is a fashionista, Eva has the cutest name ever and is super sweet, and Julia is in love with nature. Love you girls! You too Anna!

  7. Oh this was so fun to read! Keep it up girls. I think I'm actually going to like hearing from all six of you :) I think it would be more fun if you were all involved (no offense, Felicity).

  8. I am so excited to see what this blog will have! Felicity, you are hilarious and this is SOOOO fun to read! This is very entertaining, guys. Please post more!

  9. *0* idk where to vote but I vote for Sarah cuz shes funny, and maybe like me xD

  10. What a hilarious post, girls! XD
    Your new blog will certainly keep me entertained!
    I wonder what Anna thinks of this... ;)
    Hmmm, how can I pick my favorite doll! I love you all so much!
    I have to say, I LOVE the idea for Nali's Fashion Page! :D
    Can't wait to see more from the famous basilmentos sisters! <3

  11. Where did the voting thing go? Aww I wanted to vote for Sarah. :(

  12. WHAT A COOL BLOG!!! so gonna get involved! Can't wait to see you dolls in the future!
    -Kit, Ivy, Kanani, Lauren, and Morgan
    (the dolls)

  13. Sarah, you are a great doll.
    I will

    ~Anne (MAG#23)only 4 numbers away!!!

    Hi Sam!!!! I'm Elli! GUESS WHAT?!?!?! IM A SAMANTHA DOLL TOO!!!!!

    It would be AMAZING to meet you some day! (Maybe on TC sometime your at a TC party?)

    I will definetly vote for you!

    ~Elli <3


  14. LOL i wrote a blog kinda like this one!!! this is so cute! Sarah i will vote for you!!!

  15. Nali should soo make a fashion page!!! I'd love to read it!!! <3

  16. The poll is tuff i shall choose wisly......

  17. Awesome blossom post,you dolls rock!!!!!! Nali I voted for ur fashion page and I hope it gets made soon <3

  18. Ok I think Julia is like super awesome!!!!! We would probably get along so well. To bad we'll never meet :'-( I voted for ur page
    -EVA :-D
    Ok Sarah, we are like made for each other. Sports, take over the world (heh), not GIRLY!!! unlike my sisters both are, ick. I voted for your page
    -Sam XD
    I wish I could meet you NALI!!!!! Ur like awesomeness plus. I voted for your page.
    -Julie :0

  19. Hi it's Addy again. I can totally understand your pain! I have 9 sisters:
    Chrissa-the oldest and friendliest
    Megan-the shyest
    Julie-the meanest and the bragger
    Kit-to busy to ever have a social life...
    Mia-umm... Weird.
    Ruthie-always in charge
    Hazel, Hannah and Hadley-the baby triplets.
    (Save me!!)

  20. The Basilmentos Sisters are totally amazing! It would be so fun to meet you guys in person. I couldn't vote for ONE favorite doll, I would vote for all of you if I could! Good luck Sarah, hope you get more votes. Hope to hear from the Sisters soon!

    -Kirsten (One of three AG Sisters)

    P.S.- I'm using my mom's account name thing, (the "myratsRcute") and she has pet rats. The rats are more like mice, if that soothes your discomfort. :) They are actually really nice and cute, once you get to know them! :D

  21. i totally would vote for felicity because i love her so much i dont know why but i just do! but i love all of you guys

  22. You should make a meet the girls page.