Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas fun!!! WHAT WE GOT!! :D

Hey bloggers! Its felicity here! I had an awesome Christmas this year, I got so much stuff!!! :D

Ok so you are probably all wondering what I got.... well let me tell you!

1. I got kit's meet outfit cardigan, which is SUPER CUTE!
2. A flowy purple dress with fruit designs on it (weird, but awesome!)
3. A pair of hiking boots (which is perfect for an outdoorsy girl like me!)
AND....... A SOCK MONKEY HAT! well actually, its for the whole family to share. But I have a plan to capture it for my own... muahaha!

Thats pretty much it! I cant wait to wear all of my awesome things! :D
Oh, and Samantha wants a turn.

Hello everyone! How were your dollidays? I spent the holiday with my family, singing christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate and playing in the snow! It was wonderful. 
Since Felicity was talking about presents, perhaps I should tell you what I received as well? :-)
Anna's parents gave me a beautiful retired outfit from american girl. It consists of a red jumper, yellow knit hat and jelly sandals. I am very excited to own such a cute ensemble, and my sisters all say it looks great on me. It was a fantastic gift! :-)
Now of course, I am excited to receive a thoughtful present, but that is not what the holidays are all about. Sometimes we get so caught up in the material things and forget what is really important. 
Spend time with your family and have a wonderful winter break! :-)

OMG GUYS. Nali here. I NEED to tell you what I got!!!!
Ok so since I am super sophistocated and can handle any sort of fashion adventure, Anna's parents gave me a FABULOUS set of accesories!! It includes a wide brimmed pink hat and a pink jacket with a bunch of different accents and rows of piping... ahhhh I LOVE IT!!!
Nali you should say the name of the set so people can look it up
oh? oh yeah! umm whats it called?
Caroline's hat and spencer, I think.
ok yeah, its caroline's hat and spencer.
Anyways, its super cute and I love it and I think I might just faint from how darling it is!!! :D I cant wait to wear it around! people won't be able to take their eyes off of me!!! One time I got this really hot pink dress and I wore it into downtown and literally everyone was staring at me which is kind of embarassing but at the same time I felt like a celebrity which was amazingOK sorry nali but Im cutting in WHAT? NO GO AWAY SARAH IM  TELLING A STORY yeah I know but its my turn we dont have time for stories right now HEY NO FAIR sure. well Im taking my turn, I have to leave for soccer in a few minutes.

Hey guys, its Sarah! I decided to follow the trend and tell you all what I got! Im going to make this really brief cause I have to go to soccer practice in a few minutes.
anyways I got a really cute skiing outfit! Its retired from american girl. It comes with a knit shirt, knit socks, ski pants, a furry vest and even some ski boot liners. It super cute!!! 
Im totally going to wear it this winter!! :D
Ok, now I have to go to soccer. Merry Christmas!

Hello, blog followers. It is Eva Adele! I had a very fun Christmas-time with my family. Also, it snowed, which was very magical. 
My sisters were very nice to give me a pair of boots. They are light blue and made of a suede material, and on the inside they have white fur. They are very warm, so I am excited to wear them. Also, our family got a sock monkey hat, but I think it will be mine soon! Nali does not want it because it is not fashionable enough for her, Samantha says it is fine if I have it, Julia is not interested and Sarah would never wear it! The only one I am not sure about is Felicity, I will probably have to ask WOAH WOAH WOAH BACK OFF, SISTA! Felicity? whats wrong? thats my hat!!!! what? THE HAT IS MINE. I called it!!!!! Oh, you want the monkey hat? YES. Do you think we could maybe share? ............. Felicity? Are you still there? Yeah Im still here!!! Im just thinking! About what? About wether or not Im going to let you... OH nevermind! We can share the hat! You asked me too nicely, I can't say no. Thank you! :) OK BUT I GET TO WEAR IT TODAY!! Deal. :)

Hey everyone, its me, Julia! I am here today to post about my first Christmas. Just to start off, let me say that it was a wonderful holiday filled with fun traditions! We drank lots of hot coco, sang Christmas carols and opened presents as a family (felicity even filmed it and we are going to post it on youtube!). 
It was really fun to give and receive gifts, and I ate so many candy canes that I had a sugar rush all week long!
Since my sisters are all writing out what they got, I figured I might as well. 
I received a wonderful gift from Anna's parents- a summer outfit! It comes with a pink tank top, a floral button down that is tied around the waist, white shorts with a belt and leather shoes!
I love the whole outfit so much, and I am so incredibly thankful for such a nice gift. :)
I hope you all had a happy holiday too! 


  1. Hehe Looks like you guys had fun! Cant wait to see the youtube videos that you guys plan with all this!

  2. i can't wait to see this stuff in ur vids! ESPECIALLY THE SOCKK MONKEY HAT!!!!!! <3

  3. Sounds like you guys had fun!
    katie wants me to tell you she is jealous.
    Being kit I am uber grateful for everything I got.
    katie is ummmm...... Katie I guess.....

  4. You should make a youtube video of all the dolls posting things on your blog and they would be fighting over it! :D

  5. Can't wait to see the video!
    Ahh these posts are so much fun to read!

  6. OMG a sockmonkey hat i need one just read my name i need something for my dolls for my icon like tht. Where did u get it?? PLZ reply!!!

    <3 Brooke

  7. I love how they interuppt each other, very awesome!

  8. Amanda here. WOW U GUYS ARE REALLY LUCKY.I get to share a doll star kit with OUR NEW SISTER. She is number 27 like Sarah. Ok Miranda won't stop screaming in my ear to read the blog so I am just gonna go....

    Good Luck Felicity :)~ Amanda :)

  9. Thank you so much for your HARD work!!! The christmas short was so good!!!! We think you should write and produce your own AG t.v. show!!!!!

    Thanks for all you do, and we think brothermentos is FUNNY!!!!

  10. Cool I always loved Caroline's Hat and spencer.

  11. Dear Felicity,
    OMG you got a sock monkey hat. I am so excited to see it in one of your videos. I hope that you and Kanani settle who is going to get that hat. Well i hope all of you enjoy your gifts.

    Oh and also me and my friend started a blog a few months ago and near to nobody found it so if you could please visit it that would be awsome. Thanks :D

  12. A sock monkey hat????? Maybe you should hide it so Eva wont get to it.

  13. i saw the video and read your blog were did u get the awesome sock monkey

  14. hey basilmentos please like or comment on my blogs i am subscribing to you on youtube